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About The Leading Care Company

The Leading Care Company is a domiciliary care provider. Domiciliary care is regulated and approved as a service provider by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in accordance with the Health and Social care act 2008 and the Care Act 2014. We respond to the individual needs of our customer’s and service users on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year. If you require more information about The Leading Care Company please contact us directly

Our customer and service user groups are diverse, ranging from individuals requiring care within the privacy of their own homes on a short and long-term basis. This can be working alongside local government organisations or within the private sector.

The Leading Care Company Mission:

“Our mission is to provide an outstanding standard of service for all people in our care whilst recognizing that each and every individual has the right to live as full and meaningful a life as possible”

Our main objectives

  • To provide an outstanding leading level of care with our engaged, passionate and committed team who are fully compliant and highly trained.
  • To provide tailored care which is personalised and delivered in accordance with regulations. We always look to respect the individuality of our diverse range of customers, promote their independence, dignity and safety; respect their privacy and personal choices, lifestyles, customs, cultures and values.

We seek to:

  • Provide a leading level of care constantly adapting and improving to ultimately benefit our customer.
  • Build a highly skilled, compliant, caring, engaged and enabled team to deliver leading quality care and outcomes that are desired by the customer and their families.
  • Seek out and use leading policies, procedures, IT, training and monitoring to deliver outstanding consistent care.
  • Build trusting relationships with other health and care professionals in the delivery of outstanding care in our local communities.

Our Philosophy:

  • We value our diverse team and know that through keeping them engaged and enabled they will deliver outstanding care. We believe in our team.
  • We promote outcome based care which is personalized to each customer
  • We believe that every individual should be empowered to live their lives as they choose
  • We believe in our policies, procedures, company structure and tools to deliver leading care.
  • We believe in reasonable fee levels and not short term gains.
  • We believe in integrity and trust in everything we do.
  • We believe in building strong relationships locally in our communities with other health professionals
  • We believe in a fun and engaged working environment alongside a professional excellent one.

Our Values

We are a values-based organisation and recruit, train and develop colleagues in line with these values. Our key five values are the bedrock of our company vision to support those individuals who need our services to live the life they choose at home.


We place understanding our Customers at the centre of everything we do, with an aim to provide quality care and an industry leading service, in a trusted, supportive and responsive manner.


We believe that People come first, and usually we are all most comfortable at home.

We take that principle of ‘Home is where the Heart is’ and apply it with dignity.


We prioritise effective team working enabled by good communication, our staff are aware what is expected, and feel valued, engaged, and empowered.


Our culture is based on showing respect and consideration to each other, to our diversity, to our communities and to our Customers.


We aim to be true and reliable in our work, diligent, conscientious, and able to speak out honestly if something is not right.

The services we offer

The service may be anything from a 15 minute safety check to live in care. Our care workers are able to provide you with the following types of care and support:

  • Help with personal care and hygiene.
  • Help with getting up and going to bed.
  • Prompting or giving medicines and collecting or returning medication from pharmacies or dispensing GP surgeries.
  • Preparing meals and helping at mealtimes.
  • Collecting pensions and shopping.
  • Laundry and housework.
  • .Support with social activities such as attending a day centre, visiting friends or family, going to your church or club etc.

Who we provide care for

We provide care to:

  • People over 65 years of age.
  • People with physical disabilities.
  • People aged 18 to 65 years.
  • People with learning disabilities or an autistic spectrum disorder.
  • People with mental health problems.
  • People with dementia.

Where we provide services

The area(s) we cover include:

  • Maidenhead.
  • Windsor.
  • Ascot.
  • Sunningdale.
  • Slough.
  • Bracknell Forest.

How we provide our services

We will always;

  • Help you to understand our service and agree with you how you would like your care and support provided.
  • Provide safe, high quality care that is tailored to your specific needs and wishes.
  • Keep you in control of your care and seek your consent as far you are able.
  • Protect you from harm by employing compassionate, capable and reliable staff. We only select staff who have the right experience and skills and who are passionate about making a difference to customers’ lives.
  • Act as a good employer to our staff team and support their professional development to make sure that they have the best skills to do the job well.
  • Give a service that provides good value for money.
  • Monitor the quality of our service and regularly ask for your views so that we can make any improvements that may be needed.
  • Take swift action in response to any concerns about your safety or complaints.
  • Display our Care Quality Commission ratings transparently.


Charges and payments

We publish a list of charges and provide a copy to our customers and/or their representatives. Before your care and support begins, we also provide you with a written copy of the agreed charges as part of your terms and conditions of business.

We then send you a detailed invoice which you must pay within 30 days. We will give a minimum of 28 days’ written notice of any changes in the fees that you need to pay.

Information and Involvement

Our core values and service strategy set out how we involve customers or their representatives in every aspect of the care and support. We give you information about our services and support you to make decisions about your care. We seek consent to the care we provide and regularly ask you for your views on our services.

For more information about how we work you can ask to see copies of any of our policies or procedures.

The reasons we may withdraw our service

We would only withdraw a service as a last resort, after we had explored all other options. This may be necessary when:

  • It is no longer safe for the customer or care worker.
  • The customer abuses our staff.
  • The customer does not pay their invoices on time.
  • We are unable to provide the service that the customer wants.
How customers can postpone, suspend or cancel our service
  • If you wish to change or cancel a single visit we need at least 48 hours’ notice. If we receive less than 48 hours’ notice, we will charge you the full cost for that visit. This includes a situation where you choose to send a care worker away early.
  • You must give 28 days’ notice if you wish to cancel your service otherwise cancellation charges may apply. If you are unable to give the required notice because of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances this will be accepted if for example  you are unexpectedly admitted to hospital
Arrangements to cover sickness, holidays and other absences

We have enough staff to cover the times when your usual care team are away. We will tell you in advance of any changes. If the change is permanent, then we will always introduce the new care worker to you. If you are not satisfied then you can let us know and we will send a different care worker.


After each visit the care worker will ask you to sign a time sheet. If you are unable to sign your name we will make special arrangements for you. The care worker will also record what care and support they have given you in the ‘visit log’ in your care and support plan folder.

Getting help to complain

We listen to feedback about our services and take any concerns seriously. Our managers look into all complaints and tell customers what we find. Where there are shortfalls we take prompt action to put this right. Our management team will give you the necessary support to raise any concerns or complaints that you may have. You can feel confident that there will be no negative impact on your care or support. We give you a copy of our complaints procedure and explain this to you when our service starts.

How we keep you safe and protect you from harm.

Our care workers are fully trained to carry out their role safely and to recognise signs of abuse. They will listen to any concerns that you may have about your safety. We have clear procedures for reporting and sensitively responding to any suspicions of abuse. Our staff are encouraged to ‘whistle blow’ to protect customers and know that they will be supported in line with our whistle blowing policy.

Procedures to safeguard customer property.

For reasons of security we never look after keys to customers’ homes. If special arrangements need to be made to access your home, we encourage you to use a key safe.

How we support you with your medicines

Our customers receive safe and effective support with their medication needs from competent staff. Our medication policy and procedures make sure that you receive the right medicines, in the right way at the right time. They protect customers and our staff from damage that may arise from mismanagement of medicines.

Health and Safety

We have both legal and moral responsibilities regarding the health and safety of our staff and customers. We always carry out a risk assessment prior to starting a service. We will agree how the service that you want can be provided safely and record this in your care plan. If necessary we will postpone the start of your service until the right equipment is in place to reduce risks.

We give all our care workers disposable gloves and aprons to minimise cross infection.

Reporting absence of the registered manager

If the manager is going to be absent for a continuous period of 28 days or more, we will give notice in writing to the CQC. Except in the case of an emergency we will give at least one month’s notice and will specify the:

  • Length or expected length of the proposed absence and the reason.
  • Arrangements which have been made for the running of the business during the absence and the name, address and qualifications of the person who will be responsible.

Where the absence is as the result of an emergency, we will give notice within one week of the absence. We will notify the regulator of the return to duty of the registered manager no later than 7 days after their return.

Policy and procedure review timescale

All The Leading Care Company documents will be reviewed annually.

Any regulatory changes will be addressed immediately.

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